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1. Dennis Mangers Fund for Young Performing Artists
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The Foundation’s Dennis Mangers Fund for Young Performing Artists supports young performing artists from underserved backgrounds in the Sacramento region, ensuring they enjoy increased access to performing arts education and training.

Tags: Transforming the Creative Economy, Strategic Initiatives
2. Listening and Learning at the Foundation
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By Linda Beech Cutler, Chief Executive Officer

Over the course of the year, the Foundation hosts fundholder listening opportunities.  We just completed our five summer sessions. The agenda is quite simple:  we use these gatherings as a way to update our fundholders on what’s going on at the Foundation and solicit feedback from them.  These sessions are typically small with 10 to 12 participants and last about an hour and a half. There is usually a diversity of fund types represented including donor advised, scholarship, legacy, and nonprofit agency. There is also a wide range of philanthropic passions in the room. In one session alone, there were strong advocates for the homeless, the environment, foster youth, the arts, animals and education. Some of the attendees are relatively new fundholders while others have had an established fund for years.

Tags: fundholders, strategic initiatives
3. Looking Forward to Bright Futures: Ensuring Our Students--and our State--Succeed
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By Priscilla Enriquez, Chief Giving Officer

A framed letter once adorned a wall in my parent’s house and over time it moved from their living room to their family room, and then traveled across the country where it now rests in my home office, buried in a box.  It is my acceptance letter to the University of California at Berkeley.  For my parents—who immigrated to the United States without college educations of their own—that letter represented the good fortune of their hard work: their daughter was a student at one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Tags: education, youth, Preparing Students to Succeed in the New Economy, strategic initiatives, scholarships

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