Our Fundholders

Our thanks to the members of our community who support the Sacramento region so generously

We are honored to help our fundholders reflect their interests, their values, and their hopes for the future through their philanthropy. Each fund at the Foundation has its own story – a handful of which we share below – but they are all united by the threads of our fundholders' endless generosity. 

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We are proud to have welcomed these funds in 2018:

AIA Central Valley/John Ellis Architectural Scholarship
Anonymous Fund 
Anonymous Fund II
Anonymous Fund III
Bucher Family Charitable Fund  
CAC Fund
Davis White Legacy Fund
Enlow and Melena Adams Ose Fund
Frans DeBry Fund
Gail Goldsmith Charitable Giving Fund
Gail Goldsmith Long Term Charitable Giving Fund
Gedestad Family Trust
Jon and Francine Vorhees Alchemist Charitable Fund 
Howard Family Fund
Leon D. Schimmel Fund 
Melena Adams and Enlow Ose Fund
Ose Adams Fund
PG&E Better Together
Reason Center Endowment
Robert E. Lee and Anna Lee Fund 
Sam and Kerry Wood Legacy Fund
Save the World Fund
Sean & Andrea Boyd Charitable Fund
Shimek Family Fund
Steve and Laura Pajak Charitable Fund

Yolo Community Foundation
Buck Education Fund
Gollober Family Fund
Jack D. Forbes Fund
Jack D. Forbes Endowment Fund 
The Bernd Crasemann and Joan Machlis-Crasemann Civil Fund
Julia R. Millon Memorial Scholarship
Paul Makley Memorial Scholarship (YCF)

Fearless Fund

When Jennifer and Jay established a Donor Advised Fund at the Foundation, they took a fearless approach.

Kim Pacini-Hauch & Richard Hauch Foundation

As longtime philanthropists, Kim and Richard are known for their generosity throughout this community.

Maurice T. and Inez S. Rhoe Fund

Six siblings came together to open a fund at the Foundation honoring their parents’ remarkable lives.

Fundholder Stories

Dennis and Nancy Marks Fund

Over the years, the endowment for the Dennis and Nancy Marks Fund has generated annual support for causes that matter to Dr. and Mrs. Marks – especially organizations that serve vulnerable children, youth, and families or minister to the needy, education, and the public library.

Erin Aaberg Givans Memorial Scholarship

The Erin Aaberg Givans Memorial Scholarship honors the life of a tireless advocate for children's health in California.

Junior League of Sacramento

The Sacramento Region Community Foundation exists today because of the dedication of the women in the Junior League of Sacramento.

Chris Ann Bachtel Foundation

Throughout her career as a trust officer, Chris Ann Bachtel has been in a position to help clients find ways to leave a legacy through philanthropy—which is how she knew she wanted to partner with the Foundation for her own giving.

Geminder Lewis Fund

When it came to getting started in philanthropy, Michael Geminder turned to the Foundation as a resource for organizing his charitable giving.

Maureen O'Leary Burness Foundation for Special Needs Children

For Maureen’s 50th birthday, Rob surprised her with a party and a check for $10,000 to establish the Maureen O’Leary Burness Foundation for Special Needs Children at the Foundation. 

Whitney Pinkerton Fund

Bay Area artist and teacher Clayton Pinkerton established a fund in memory of his longtime partner, Jerrold Whitney, who had a great love of books.

Vernon Andrew Farnum Fund

The endowment for the Vernon Andrew Farnum Fund will provide unrestricted support for the Sacramento Region Community Foundation to carry out its mission of meeting area needs and enhancing the quality of life in the region. "We were so impressed with your devotion and professionalism to bring this process to its successful conclusion," said Kathryn and Dale.

Max and Nadine Dimick Scholarship

The Max and Nadine Dimick Scholarship was established by the late Dr. and Mrs. Dimick to assist students at local community colleges.

Margaret Deterding Fund

The Margaret Deterding Fund was created by Margaret during her life in the hope of giving back to the community that held the story of her life.

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We enable people like you to customize their philanthropy, easily and effectively supporting the issues they care about – now and always.

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