Big Day of Giving

The Sacramento region's annual 24-hour fundraising event and year-long capacity building program

It's official: next year's Big Day of Giving will be Thursday, May 3, 2018! 

Aprogram of our initiative to grow local philanthropy, Big Day of Giving is a 24-hour giving challenge that brings together the region's nonprofit community to help raise much needed unrestricted funds and shine a spotlight on the work nonprofits do to make the Sacramento region the place we call home.

For the past few years, the giving day has united our community, raising more than $23 million for local nonprofits from over 36,000 donors from all over the region, the state, the country, and the world.

Dive into data from past BIG DAYS OF GIVING

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Big Day of Giving is an opportunity for donors to show their community pride and support the nonprofits that make our region great, and it is also a year-long capacity building program that helps local nonprofits hone their skills in marketing, social media, and board and donor engagement. Each time a participating nonprofit puts these skills to work throughout the year, we consider the effort a success!

Representatives from the Food Literacy Center at the Big Day of Giving 2016 Halftime Celebration

Want to learn more about Big Day of Giving? Peek through our post-Big Day of Giving event reports!

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Big Day of Giving
Participate in Big Day of Giving

Nonprofits interested in learning more about Big Day of Giving, and how to register for future giving days, should browse these pages for sign-up information, frequently asked questions, and more.

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Big Day of Giving Website

Each May, the Big Day of Giving is powered by GivingEdge, our year-round nonprofit knowledge database. The website is always accessible via and

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Big Day of Giving 2017 Report to the Community

During this year's Big Day of Giving, nonprofits in the Sacramento region raised nearly $7.2 million from tens of thousands of donors, whose giving we analyze in this year's multi-part Report to the Community.

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May 11, 2017
Foundation Announces Official Big Day of Giving Tally

$7.2 million raised for local nonprofits tops last year’s total

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March 28, 2017
600 Local Nonprofits Announced for May 4 Big Day of Giving

The annual giving day comes at a crucial moment, says Foundation CEO

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August 28, 2015
Report to the Community 2015

This Report to the Community offers significant learnings from BIG Day of Giving 2016 and highlights profound opportunities to grow regional philanthropy and strengthen the nonprofit sector.

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2016 BIG Day of Giving Post-Event Report
2016 BIG Day of Giving Post-Event Report

This report dives deep into the entire giving day experience during BIG Day of Giving 2016 providing data, a timeline, insights, and quotes from donors and nonprofits.

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May 16, 2016
BIG Day of Giving Raises $7.1 Million for Local Nonprofits

Despite technical difficulties, the Sacramento region rallied to help our annual giving day exceed its $6 million goal!

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August 23, 2016
New Date and Fundraising Platform Announced for Big Day of Giving 2017

Supporters of the nonprofit organizations that serve the capital region should mark their calendars: we are excited to announce that next year's Big Day of Giving will be held from midnight to midnight on Thursday, May 4!

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