40 Years of Inspiring Philanthropy

Celebrating four decades of giving and looking to the future of our collective impact

Realizing A Vision

The Sacramento Region Community Foundation exists today because of the dedication of the women in the Junior League of Sacramento. For years, the Junior League of Sacramento has identified gaps in the cultural and social service offerings of our region and has worked to fill the gaps by empowering existing organizations and building new ones — including your community foundation.

Community leaders marshaled support to launch the organization that would become the Sacramento Region Community Foundation in 1983

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Since their vision was realized with our incorporation in the spring of 1983, the Sacramento Region Community Foundation has gained the confidence of generous people who recognize the value of an organization dedicated to improving the capital area through philanthropy. 

Throughout the years, we have witnessed the transformative power of collaboration and the incredible impact we can achieve when we join forces. Thanks in large part to the generosity of people who partner with us to assist in their charitable giving, we have awarded $225 million in grants and scholarships in our first 40 years — including those grants we've directed through our community initiatives, like Big Day of Giving, which has become a game-changer for charitable giving in our region over the past decade.

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Through our community initiatives, we have addressed a wide range of needs and pursued critical opportunities. We have provided scholarships for aspiring students, collaborated with cross-sector partners to strengthen social systems, and extended resources to those in need during challenging times and recovery.

Today, we continue the work begun by leaders who first imagined the power of local philanthropy our community.

Toward a Bright, Bold Future

As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our belief that philanthropy can create meaningful opportunities for all who live in the capital area. In pursuing our bold mission — to lead, serve, and inspire enduring philanthropy for a just and vibrant Sacramento region — we are proud to follow the model set by forward-thinking leaders of the past whose vision has guided our work to this point.

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We will continue to identify emerging needs, collaborate with stakeholders, and implement innovative solutions. Together, we will build upon the foundation laid over the past forty years and inspire philanthropy in the Sacramento region for years to come. Let's get started!

A Legacy Of Leadership

Discover some of the stories that have shaped our work and the Sacramento region over the past 40 years — and, if you'd like, contribute your own!

Help Us Celebrate: What's Your Foundation Story?

Over the past four decades, we've partnered with generous people like you to make a difference in the capital area. How have you activated philanthropy to support causes that matter to you? We'd love to know!

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  • May 1983: Sacramento Regional Foundation established by the Junior League of Sacramento
  • 1984: First grant awarded: $50,000 to the Crocker Art Museum
  • 1985: First scholarship awarded
  • 1986: Grew to $1 million in assets, increasing the philanthropic resources available to the Sacramento region
  • 1997: Grew to $10 million in assets
  • 2002: Renamed Sacramento Region Community Foundation
  • 2003: Launched Grants Advisory Board for Youth (GABY) and grew to $50 million in assets
  • 2005: Grew to $100 million in assets
  • 2011: Formed GiveLocalNow, the collaboration that germinated GivingEdge and Big Day of Giving
  • 2012: Affiliated with Yolo Community Foundation
  • 2013: Celebrated having awarded $100 million in grants and scholarships since 1983, and held first online giving day for local arts nonprofits
  • 2014: Held first online giving day for all local nonprofits, Big Day of Giving
  • 2015: Launched Strategic Initiatives to catalyze significant change
  • 2020: Total raised since Big Day of Giving began topped $50 million, with a record $12 million given during devastating global pandemic
  • 2021: Grew to $200 million in assets, and celebrated having awarded $200 million in grants and scholarships since 1983
  • 2023: Today, looking toward a future of increased impact and enhanced philanthropic resources for the Sacramento region!

Current Board Members

  • Kathy McKim, Hawksbill Group, Chair

  • Garry Maisel, Western Health Advantage, Vice-Chair

  • Jonathan Lederer, U.S. Bank, Treasurer
  • Cassandra Walker Pye, Lucas Public Affairs, Secretary
  • Karen Baker, Community Leader
  • Angela DePaoli, Bargas Environmental Consulting
  • Bret Hewitt, Yolo Community Foundation
  • Matthew Jacobs, CalPERS
  • William Niemi, Niemi Development Partners
  • Vince Sales, Everyday Impact Consulting
  • Renee Nunes Taylor, Community Leader
  • Kate Stille, Nugget Markets, Inc.
  • Scott Syphax, Syphax Strategic Solutions
  • Steven Weiss, The Weiss Group
  • Kate Willcox, Boutin Jones, Inc.

Past Board Members

* indicates Founding Board Members

  • Nicholas G. Alexander
  • Ralph Andersen (deceased)
  • Fred Anderson (deceased)
  • Gerald F. Bays
  • Stephen F. Boutin
  • Stephen A. Brandenburger
  • Frederick (Fritz) Brown*
  • Amador Bustos
  • Margie Campbell
  • Anker Christensen
  • Patricia Cochran
  • Dan Cole
  • Nathaniel S. Colley, Sr. (deceased)*
  • George L. Cook, Sr. (deceased)
  • Donna Courville
  • Cecilia Delury
  • Michael Dunlavey
  • Robert M. Earl
  • Jane Einhorn
  • Elfrena Foord
  • The Honorable Leonard M. Friedman (deceased)*
  • Marcy Friedman
  • Robert F. Gaines (deceased)
  • Larry Gilzean
  • Alice J. Gonzales
  • Dr. Alex Gonzalez
  • Mario Gutierrez (deceased)
  • Thomas J. Hammer, Jr. (deceased)
  • Scott T. Hanson
  • Janis Heaphy 
  • Archie Hefner (deceased)
  • William G. Hegg (deceased)
  • Cassandra Jennings
  • Muriel P. Johnson
  • Van Johnson
  • Oleta Lambert (deceased)
  • Edward L. Lammerding (deceased)*
  • Elyssa Lee
  • Robert L. Lorber
  • David Lucchetti
  • The Honorable Thomas J. MacBride (deceased)
  • Dennis Mangers
  • C.K. McClatchy (deceased)*
  • Dr. Linda Merksamer
  • R. Burnett Miller (deceased)*
  • Diane D. Miller
  • Diane Mizell
  • Benjamin F. Montoya
  • Darren Morris
  • David K. Murphy
  • Carlin Naify 
  • Thomas W. O’Neil (deceased)
  • Melena Ose (deceased)
  • Daniel I. Parrish
  • Norman J. Phillips
  • Forrest A. Plant, Sr. (deceased)
  • Dr. Claire Pomeroy
  • Donald C. Poole (deceased)
  • A. Alan Post (deceased)*
  • Erwin Potts (deceased)
  • Frank C. Ramos
  • Jeanne Reaves
  • Carolyn Reid (deceased)
  • Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker
  • Herbert S. Rodebaugh* (deceased)
  • Jean Runyon (deceased)
  • Gordon D. Schaber (deceased)*
  • Hardie C. Setzer (deceased)
  • Lillian Sioukas
  • Meg Stallard
  • Martin Steiner
  • Gary Strong
  • Fred Teichert
  • Henry Teichert (deceased)*
  • Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis
  • Stephen Tse
  • C. John Tupper, M.D. (deceased)
  • Moni Van Camp*
  • Father Jesse Vaughan
  • Frank G. Washington
  • Malcolm S. Weintraub
  • Frank Whittaker
  • Clarence Williams (deceased)
  • Henry Wirz
  • Merrily Wong*
  • Sandra W. Yee
  • Mike Ziegler (deceased)

As we reflect on the past four decades, we are filled with gratitude for the countless individuals, organizations, and businesses who have supported the Foundation along the way. Together, we have brought about positive change. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you for your contributions.

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