Service Credo



The Sacramento Region Community Foundation is, above all, a service organization.  Service to our customers is integral to all activities, initiatives, transactions and programs of the Foundation.  Our customer is every person that we come into contact with in our work – our donors, our grantseekers, colleagues in other foundations and nonprofits, board members, fellow employees and the community at large.  We must be committed to high quality customer service in all of our internal and external actions in order to fulfill our mission in the region.

The kind of service we want to deliver is exemplified by:

  • Responsiveness – We act promptly and thoughtfully to requests for information and return all calls within 24 hours.  We meet deadlines and honor commitments both internally and externally.  We are attentive and accountable to all of our stakeholders.
  • Timeliness – We provide timely information in response to requests and we adhere to schedules to disseminate regular information to donors, board and committees and the community.
  • Accuracy – The information we provide is thoroughly reviewed and accurate and anything that leaves the office, including email, is professional in appearance.
  • Communication – Our communication is open with a commitment to honesty, transparency and respect.  We will listen to all of our customers, assess their needs, anticipate future needs and fully express our capabilities, limitations, knowledge and expectations.
  • Initiative – We use our experience and knowledge to anticipate opportunities and issues and address them proactively.  We use our resources appropriately and offer innovative solutions.
  • Teamwork – We acknowledge and value the unique experience and abilities of each staff member.  We will work together cooperatively and collaboratively, always demonstrating respect and courtesy to one another.  We will commit to resolving differences constructively and to assisting one another to further the goals of the Foundation.  We recognize that we are jointly accountable for the work of the Foundation.
  • Professionalism – Our demeanor to our outside customers will always be professional, friendly, honest, and positive.  Our tangible product will be well written, accurate, thoughtful and expressive of our values and capabilities.  Our demeanor to one another will reflect the same qualities.
  • Flexibility – Our approach to our work is to see how we can add value, deliver resources, make situations better, and find solutions.  We exhibit a can-do attitude.