Home is Where the Heart Is

By Fran Baxter-Guigli, Donor Services Officer 

Before our family moved to the Sacramento region in 2003, we spent many weekends house-hunting. We walked through at least 60 houses looking for the right one—the one that said “home”. When we finally found our home, it was love at first sight. I still feel that same joy and relief every evening when I pull into the driveway, and I hope I will never have to move. Dorothy was right: there’s no place like home.

Rebuilding Together Sacramento understands the importance of home as both a psychological and physical refuge. Rebuilding Together Sacramento (RTS) is one of 394 nonprofits participating in the BIG Day of Giving on May 6th, when we will be giving together to make our region better. RTS works year-round with homeowners who most need help to repair, modify, and weatherize their homes so they can continue to live there in safety and health. They help senior citizens, people with disabilities and poor health, grandparents raising grandchildren, veterans, and individuals caring for ailing parents.

Through its “Safe at Home” program, RTS provides service at no cost to low-income residents in Sacramento and Yolo Counties—improvements like installing grab bars, handrails, and wheelchair ramps. What may seem like small modifications—adding smoke alarms, or weather stripping, or energy-efficient lighting—can have huge impact for the homeowner and for the community. Since 1991, RTS has repaired more than 4,600 homes and 86 community facilities. That’s impact. Here at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, we especially appreciate programs that help keep people in their homes.

Generosity makes it all possible. The generosity of volunteers who give their time to work on someone else’s home. The generosity of donors who provide money for building materials, equipment, and supplies. And the generosity of spirit that wants the best for our community.

We are fortunate to call this region our home. Think of May 6th as a day for home improvement for our regional home. On the BIG Day of Giving, we have an opportunity to show our generosity to 394 great nonprofits that work tirelessly to make our community better. By giving together, we will meet our goal of raising $1 million in one day, and with generous matching funds that have already been committed, each dollar given on May 6th will mean even more money going to the organizations we all choose to support.

Whatever you love about this region—how it cares for children, artists, the hungry and homeless, animals, the environment, or something else entirely—there is an opportunity to support that on May 6th. To be exact, there are 394 opportunities to give where your heart is.