Our Region's Story of Homelessness


Despite the hard work and support of so many smart and caring people, homelessness is growing in the capital area. 

During our July Summer Salon, we gathered with fundholders to learn about local efforts to address homelessness. We heard from local thought-leaders and those who provide support services and, together, gained a better understanding of the dynamics and dimensions of the challenges faced by the homeless and those who seek to improve their lives. Our expert panel included:

  • Veronica Beaty, Land Use Policy Director, Sacramento Housing Alliance
  • Joan Burke, Director of Advocacy, Loaves & Fishes
  • Cindy Cavanaugh, Director of Homeless Initiatives, County of Sacramento
  • Emily Halcon, Homeless Services Coordinator, Office of the City Manager
  • Ryan Loofburrow, Chief Executive Officer, Sacramento Steps Forward
After the Salon, our panelists (from left to right: Beaty, Cavanaugh, Halcon, Burke, Loofburrow) continued the discussion with our fundholders.

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Please explore this topic further by browsing the resources below, recommended by our panelists:

Sacramento County Proposed 2017 County Homeless Initiatives (PDF)

Loaves & Fishes Information Sheet (PDF)

Sacramento Housing Alliance Working Paper on Ending Homeslessness

Homelessness in Sacramento County: Results from the 2017 Point In Time Count (PDF)

Loofburrow and Priscilla Enriquez, our Chief Giving Officer, reviewed the recently released findings of the 2017 Point in Time count.

Listen to the Summer Salon Podcast

Were you unable to attend the Summer Salon? We are happy to send fundholders an audio recording of the event, which has been lightly edited for length and clarity. Please contact Fundholder Resources for more information! 

After the panel, our guests continued their conversations.

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