Our Region's Story of Hunger and Food Access


Despite being a region rich with agriculture, hundreds of thousands of people in our community lack access to fresh, healthy food. At this Summer Salon, our fundholders heard from experts in the local food provider network who are crafting innovative approaches to address the causes of hunger in our community, including:

  • Blake Young, President/CEO at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services
  • Eileen Thomas, Executive Director at River City Food Bank
  • Pastor Robert Jones, Senior Pastor at Powerhouse Christian Ministries
  • Maria Rosales, Executive Director at South County Services
Panelists reflected on the needs of the region's emergency food distribution system.

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Please explore this topic further by browsing the resources below, recommended by our panelists:

  • Connecting the Regional Food Economy, our initiative to address hunger and food access in the capital area.
  • Sacramento Region Food System Action Plan, the report we commissioned to study the needs of the captial area's food economy, which prompted us to fund the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Service's Neighborhood Food Access Networks (NFANs).
  • Healthy Food Economy Fund, the Foundation fund that supports this work. Your donation to the Fund strengthens the large-scale efforts — like the NFANs — that are improving the greater Sacramento region’s entire food system, helping to end hunger and ensure the long-term viability of the capital area’s food economy.

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After the panel, fundholders probed deeper into the complex issues that contribute to hunger.

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