Taking a Stand for Educational Equity by Supporting Proposition 16

A message from the Foundation

October 13, 2020

For the last several years, the Foundation has been deeply involved and invested in efforts to enhance educational opportunities for traditionally marginalized students. We know those who complete post-secondary education have much greater chances for long-term success. According to the Urban Institute, Black and Latinx Californians are consistently underrepresented in the state’s universities, yet overrepresented among the unemployed.

One of the ways the Foundation has addressed this is through our Capital Area Promise (CAP) Scholars program. We’ve partnered with local nonprofits, community stakeholders, and area funders to provide scholarships and support services that promote the positive trajectories of promising students from historically underrepresented backgrounds—especially young men of color, who face the greatest barriers to college completion. To date, we have awarded over 650 CAP Scholarships to area students, 100% of whom are from diverse backgrounds. Eighty percent are students of color, and 50% are young men of color.

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We are committed to ensuring all students have equitable opportunities to achieve educational success. Therefore, the Foundation’s Board of Directors has decided to enthusiastically and publicly support Proposition 16, a state initiative on the November ballot which aims to promote equity in our region and across California. 

If passed, Proposition 16 would reinstate affirmative action, enabling state schools and agencies to establish equity-based policies related to equal protection. It would expand equal opportunity to all Californians, increasing access to fair wages, good jobs, and quality schools. It would foster economic prosperity by building a stronger, more inclusive, and more resilient Sacramento region.

Taking a stand on a ballot initiative is unusual for us, yet in this instance we felt it was imperative. Why? Because the objectives of the proposition are directly aligned with the aims of our sustained work to improve college outcomes for students of color.

It is our responsibility to amplify underrepresented voices in our community. While not the panacea, Proposition 16 is a long-overdue step in the right direction toward achieving educational equity. Therefore, we are proud to join other community foundations across California and lend our voice in support of Proposition 16.

To learn more about Prop 16, visit the Legislative Analyst’s Office website.


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