Charitable Giving Resources

Atthe Foundation, we have helped hundreds of local people, families, and businesses maximize the impact of their charitable giving in the Sacramento region and throughout the country, many of whom first contacted our team when they weren't sure exactly what shape their giving would take—they only knew they wanted to give more intentionally. Just as they did, you might be wondering:

  • How can I manage, streamline, and/or strengthen my philanthropy? Should I consider opening a private foundation?
  • What are tax-smart ways to give to the causes I care about?
  • What is a community foundation? Why should I partner with a community foundation for my charitable giving?

We hope the resources below provide useful answers to these important questions. If you'd like to learn more about the topics explored here and how we can support your charitable giving, please reach out to us any time

Comparing Giving Options

Establishing a charitable fund at a community foundation likes ours provides you with opportunities that commercial gift funds and private foundations cannot.

Tax-Smart Ways to Give

Most people give to nonprofits for altruistic reasons, but with planning, there are ways you can maximize your tax benefits when giving to the causes you love.

Legacy Giving Made Easy

Legacy giving simply means planning now to leave a gift after your lifetime, creating a future source of support for the causes you care about. The Foundation makes it easy.


Establishing a Private Foundation

Private foundations are commonly established to achieve a variety of giving goals for individuals, families, and businesses — but starting one can be harder than it looks.

IRA Charitable Rollover

People aged 70½ and older have a special tax-free opportunity to make a meaningful charitable gift through an IRA Charitable Rollover as part of the required minimum distribution.

Charitable Giving Guide

This downloadable guide includes answers to the answers our team is asked most frequently.


Ready to Open a Charitable Fund?

We are here to help you simplify your giving and strengthen your impact. We look forward to helping make your philanthropy powerful and rewarding, creating the lasting change you want to see — in this community and beyond.