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Find the fund that matches your philanthropic goals

We offer a variety of charitable funds for individuals, families, businesses, and community organizations, and can help you choose the fund that best accomplishes your goals for giving without the expense of a private foundation. Please browse our menu of fund types below to learn more about how the Foundation can assist your philanthropic giving.

For more information about each of these options and our partnership with generous people, like you, please contact our team or browse our charitable giving resources.

Find the Charitable Fund That Is Right For You

Donor Advised Fund

A Donor Advised Fund is ideal if you plan to support multiple organizations, as it allows you to manage all of your giving through one account with ultimate flexibility.

Designated Fund

A Designated Fund allows you to make grants automatically to specific nonprofits, and if endowed, will provide regular support in perpetuity. 

Field of Interest Fund

A Field of Interest Fund offers you the opportunity to support evolving community needs by focusing on an area of interest that you choose, like animal services or the performing arts, relying on the expertise of the Foundation's staff.

Scholarship Fund

A Scholarship Fund helps support deserving students according to the selection criteria that are important to you.

Options for Planned Giving

There are a variety of ways that you can be charitable beyond your lifetime. A Legacy Fund allows you to give through your will or estate plan when you no longer need the assets, enabling you to leave a charitable legacy that reflects your values.

Funds for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits that want to give their donors a way to support the mission of the organization forever may consider opening an endowment at the Foundation.

Business Fund

A Business Fund makes it easy to structure a corporate giving program that will create a culture of philanthropy among your employees and focus your giving where it can have the greatest impact on community life.

Getting Started Is Easy!

A charitable fund at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation maximizes the impact of your philanthropic giving — whether you choose to give immediately or beyond your lifetime, in the capital area or across the nation. You can establish your fund with a wide variety of assets and rely on our team's expertise to ensure your giving is most convenient, impactful, and rewarding. Would you like to learn more? Complete the form below and our staff will be in touch.

If you'd like, you can also schedule a meeting with our Philanthropy Team at a time convenient for you.



Ready to Open a Charitable Fund?

We are here to help you simplify your giving and strengthen your impact. We look forward to helping make your philanthropy powerful and rewarding, creating the lasting change you want to see — in this community and beyond.