Designated Fund

Create a fund that automatically makes grants to your favorite nonprofits without any extra effort

Perhaps through volunteering, a personal connection, or a desire to make a difference, you have developed a passion for specific nonprofit programs and initiatives. No matter what your interest, a Designated Fund ensures ongoing, reliable support for those organizations, and the Foundation will work with you to help establish a fund that achieves your unique charitable goals.

Consider a Designated Fund if you:

  • Enjoy regularly scheduling gifts
  • Want to create a legacy of support for your favorite causes
  • Prefer to avoid administrative hassles of charitable giving – from sending checks to keeping track of receipts
  • Seek to support specific organizations regularly and in perpetuity

Patty Bogle

Patty Bogle, beloved matriarch of the local winemaking family, wished to support several community projects past her lifetime. The Designated Fund she established supported projects important to her and the community.

Designated Fund Resources

Designated Fund Agreement

Begin thinking about the details of your fund – everything from creating a name to selecting the timeline of your giving – using our Designated Fund Agreement.

Designated Fund Fact Sheet

Learn about this impactful vehicle for your charitable giving.

Opening a Fund Is Easy

You can open your Designated Fund with a minimum contribution of $10,000 and qualify for an immediate income tax deduction. Then, the Foundation will regularly distribute grants on your behalf to the charities you identify.