Endowments for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits that want to give their donors a way to support the mission of the organization forever should consider opening an endowment.

Through a Nonprofit Endowment Fund with the Foundation, community organizations can set aside funds to create long-term stability, plan for future growth or add to the organization’s credibility with key donors. The Foundation works closely with the leadership of your organization to help establish a fund that supports your goals for today and in the future. As an additional benefit, the Foundation handles the administration of the fund, leaving your staff and board free to focus on what matters – your mission on behalf of the community.

Consider opening a nonprofit endowment if:

  • Your organization has a stable operating budget and cash reserves

  • You want to generate income for operations - forever
  • You would like to offer a full menu of planned giving options, but lack the internal resources required to manage the complexity

Nonprofit Endowment Resources

Nonprofit Endowments Fact Sheet

Learn about this dynamic vehicle for your organization's donors' giving.

Nonprofit Endowments Fund Agreement

Begin thinking about the details of your fund – everything from creating a name to selecting the timeline of your giving – using our Nonprofit Endowment Fund Agreement.

Opening an Endowment Is Easy

A Nonprofit Endowment Fund can help to meet future needs by providing a relatively constant source of operating income. The fund can be opened for a minimum of $10,000 and donors may use cash, stock, or other assets to grow the fund over time.