Scholarship Fund

Helps students pursue their educational dreams in a variety of ways.

By establishing a Scholarship Fund at the Foundation, you are investing in your community’s future by helping students pursue their educational dreams. Our staff provides the expertise to help you create a fund that meets your personal goals, and our experience in managing scholarships will allow you to enjoy helping students while leaving the details to us.

Consider a Scholarship Fund if you:

  • Want to support educational opportunities for individual students meeting any criteria that are important to you
  • Need help with establishing a scholarship process that meets IRS requirements
  • Want to honor or memorialize a loved one
  • Have a desire to invest in the future leadership of our community

Dr. Julita Fong, daughter of Eugene and Thora Chin

During their lifetimes, the Chins made plans to open an endowed scholarship after their passing with the remaining balance from their Charitable Remainder Trust. 

Read more about their Scholarship

Scholarship Fund Resources

Scholarship Fund Fact Sheet

Learn about how you can help deserving students achieve their educational dreams with a Scholarship Fund at the Foundation.

Scholarship Fund Agreement

Begin thinking about the details of your fund using our Scholarship Fund Agreement. We will work with you do complete an additional Scholarship Addendum, which guide you through the process of articulating the parameters of your scholarship.

Opening a Fund Is Easy

With the assistance of our staff, you determine the eligibility criteria, field of study, award amount, and choice of institutions – from trade schools and community colleges to 4-year universities. Depending on the degree to which you’d like to be involved, you may even choose to be a part of the selection committee.

You may use cash, stock, or other appreciated assets to create your Scholarship Fund and qualify for an immediate income tax deduction in the year the gift is made. The Foundation’s staff will publicize the scholarship, guide the selection process and finally, send the award(s) to the educational institution the recipients choose to attend.