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Grow your fund through an array of gift options

Whether giving now, or planning to give in the future, our fundholders are able to expand their charitable giving using a number of savvy options. While we encourage you to seek guidance from your tax advisor to receive the optimal tax advantages, our expert staff can help facilitate these transaction with no hassle for you.



Among the options donors can use to give to their funds via cash gifts are check, wire transfer, money order, and credit card. These contributions may be deductible to as much as 60% of your adjusted gross income, with a five-year carry over for any excess. Plus, cash gifts like these are simple: You can make an immediate credit card donation to your fund on our website.

Make a credit card gift

Additionally, you may mail a check and/or money order to the Foundation office, noting the name of your fund in the "Memo" section:

Sacramento Region Community Foundation
955 University Avenue, Suite A 
Sacramento, CA 95825


Gifts of appreciated securities or real estate may allow you to make a substantial contribution while receiving valuable tax advantages. Generally, a donor may deduct the fair market value of the gift to as much as 30% of your adjusted gross income, with a five-year carry over for any excess. Most importantly, the capital gain from the donated asset passes tax free to your fund at the Foundation. Other gifts, such as closely held stock, IRA assets, partnership interests, and some tangible personal property may also be accepted based on review by our Board of Directors.

View our STOCK Transfer Form

To learn more, please contact our Fundholder Services team, who will be happy to assist you.

Reading at the Sacramento Public Library

Through a generous provision in his trust, artist and teacher Clayton Pinkerton established a fund at the Foundation in memory of his longtime partner, Jerrold Whitney, who had a great love of books. 


When you include a gift to your fund at the Foundation in your estate plan, you make a charitable gift, enjoy tax benefits, and preserve economic security for yourself and your family. We can work with you and your professional advisor to find a charitable estate vehicle that works for you. Some future gifts may allow you to receive an income during your lifetime and benefit your favorite causes after you are gone.

Learn more about planned giving in "Legacy Giving Made Easy," an article in our Charitable Giving Resources. Of course, you can also connect with our Fundholder Resources team, who will gladly provide further information. 


Visit the donor portal or download our Grant Recommendation Form. If you have any questions about the grantmaking process, please contact our Fundholder Services team.

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