Donor Portal Upgrade

Learn about the new online gateway to your fund

On Friday, October 1, we will launch a new fundholder portal, your online tool for managing your charitable fund at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation or one of our affiliates, Lodi Community Foundation and Yolo Community Foundation. 

This new portal comes to you as a result of a significant upgrade we have made to the Foundation’s operating system, and we want to ensure you are fully informed about the transition. Please refer to the information provided below and look for additional updates from our team as the launch approaches.

Just as you experienced with DonorCentral, the new fundholder portal will continue to be a convenient, reliable, and secure way to manage your charitable fund online. You can view your fund's balances and financial history, and access funding opportunities and important documents relevant to your giving.

If you have a Donor Advised Fund, you will also continue to make grants from fund using the portal. In addition, you will have the ability to view the status of a grant you have recommended and receive electronic notification when your grant is paid, thereby reducing the environmental impact of mailing grant letters.    

The process will be simple: On Friday, October 1, you will receive an email from “Sacramento Region Community Foundation” at “” Use the unique link included in that email to activate your account, set up your password, and log in. That's it!

Once your account is activated, tou will be able to interact with your fund 24 hours a day via the secure, password-protected platform. Your fund balances will be updated in real-time (with exception of investment earnings), and you can review all pending and completed grants made from your fund.

Yes, you are welcome to use the current portal, DonorCentral, through Thursday, September 30.

At the launch of the new donor portal on Friday, October 1, you will no longer use DonorCentral to manage your charitable fund. All information and functionality in DonorCentral will be securely migrated to the new donor portal and accessible once you establish your account. As always, you will find the link to access the donor portal in the header of the Foundation’s website. 

In April, the vendor of the Foundation’s current portal, DonorCentral, introduced a new design for its platform and required all fundholders to change their usernames and passwords. That change was unrelated to our new portal, but we appreciate that the timing may cause confusion and thank you for your patience and understanding as we move through this process together.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Director of Donor Engagement, Chelsea Fahr, at or (916) 921-7723 ext. 2021. We are always happy to help!