Make Big Day of Giving Grants

Big Day of Giving (BDOG) is coming on Thursday, May 5! As a Foundation fundholder, you have a special opportunity to support any of the 700+ nonprofit participants through your Donor Advised Fund.

See a list of participating organizations

BDOG is a terrific opportunity to give unrestricted grants through your fund. The Foundation encourages grants be made from Donor Advised Funds at least once a year and requires a grant every three years, so participating in BDOG ensures your fund is actively granting. Also, Donor Advised Fund grants avoid BDOG credit card and transaction fees, so 100% of your donations go directly to the nonprofits you designate!  

You can schedule unrestricted grants from your fund to support your favorite nonprofits during BDOG. Because we upgraded the technology behind GivingEdge—the website that powers BDOG—we have expanded Donor Advised Fund giving opportunities:

Grant via GivingEdge

Create an account on GivingEdge and grant directly to your favorite nonprofits with funds available in your DAF. Enjoy the same giving experience as other BDOG donors with all the benefits of giving via your DAF. You’ll also have easy access to your giving history to reference in future years. Please contact a member of our team to activate this feature:

Grant via the donor portal

Use your existing account on the Foundation’s donor portal to direct grants to participating nonprofits. (See a list of participating nonprofits here.) Submit a grant request from your fund to any of the participating nonprofits using the donor portal. Please note “Big Day of Giving” in the description field.

Visit the Donor Portal

Grant via our team

Reach out to our team and we will assist you with making BDOG grants from your DAF. Please contact a member of our team to proceed:

In addition to giving through your DAF, you might also consider making a tax-free Qualified Charitable Distribution from your IRA for this year’s Big Day of Giving, and as always, if you prefer to donate by credit card, you can visit between April 21 and May 5 to give.

Visit the Big Day of Giving website

If you have questions about donating through your fund, your IRA, or if you would like assistance making your grants, please contact a member of our team.

Please share your enthusiasm for BDOG and the Foundation with your family, friends, and colleagues. Many thanks for your ongoing generosity and leadership in making our region a vibrant place for all!