Year-End Gifting & Granting

Grow your fund during the giving season

Year-end is the perfect time to grow your fund, allowing you to reduce taxes this year and maximize your giving to the causes care about. You can expand your fund using a variety of options. Whether gifting to your fund or recommending grants from it, please keep in mind the deadlines detailed below to allow adequate time for transactions. For questions about giving to your fund before year-end, please contact our Fundholder Services team, who are always happy to help.

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Contributing to your fund via check or money order are common options. Thanks to the CARES Act, the limitation for cash contributions to certain nonprofits, including the Foundation, has been raised to 100% of an individual’s adjusted gross income (AGI) for 2021 for donors who itemize their deductions. Formerly set at 60%, any giving beyond this 100% limitation may be carried over and used in the next five years. We encourage you to consult with your tax advisor to receive optimal tax advantages and guidance.

A gift of appreciated stock to your fund means that you will avoid capital gains and can deduct the fully appreciated value regardless of the original purchase price.
If you plan to make a stock gift before year-end, complete a Stock Transfer Form with your broker.

Download the Stock Transfer Form

Please send a copy of your Stock Transfer Form to the Foundation as soon as possible to ensure that your gift is deposited into the appropriate fund.

If you are 72 years old and must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) annually from your IRA but do not need the extra income, we have a great solution for you!

Make a gift of your RMD from your IRA directly to a charitable fund at the Foundation, including any of our funds established to support nonprofit organizations, and avoid paying income tax on that gift. Please note that IRA Charitable Rollovers through your RMD cannot be made to Donor Advised Funds.

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To qualify for a tax-free IRA Charitable Rollover, your gift must be made before year-end and your IRA administrator must initiate the gift and send it directly to the Foundation. You can give more than your RMD – up to $100,000 annually. This rule also applies to your spouse’s IRA, as long as it is a separate account. For more information on how to take advantage of this tax-smart option, contact your IRA plan administrator.

The IRA Charitable Rollover provides the perfect opportunity to give to the Foundation’s Building Equitable Communities Fund and avoid paying taxes on the distribution. See complete details below.


Any gift to the Building Equitable Communities Fund (previosuly known as the Community Impact Fund) will allow the Foundation to continue its leadership role and make lasting change in our region in areas such as preparing students to succeed in the new economy, encouraging a healthy, accessible food system, fostering a thriving cultural community, and much more.

  • Give through your IRA: Contact your plan administrator to initiate the gifts directly from your IRA to the Building Equitable Communities Fund at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation.

  • Give through your Donor Advised Fund: Visit the donor portal and select the Building Equitable Communities Fund in the “Other foundation funds” section of the grant request form.

  • With your credit card: Click the button below and complete the donation form.

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To make a grant before year-end, please send us your request before Friday, December 3, to ensure the funds are received by your favorite nonprofit(s). The most convenient way to submit your grant recommendation is to visit the donor portal. You may also complete and return a Grant Recommendation Form.

Download a Grant Recommendation Form

For endowed fundholders with a remaining spendable balance: Friday, December 31 is the final deadline for using your current spendable balance to make grants. If you choose not to use your spendable amount to support nonprofit(s) this year, that amount will be rolled back into the principal, and you will receive notice of your new spendable amount for 2022 in the new year.

Please keep in mind that the Foundation recommends Donor Advised Fundholders grant at least once a year but requires that a grant be distributed from your fund every three years.


As year-end approaches, we encourage you to reach out to the Foundation as early as possible to ensure adequate transaction time for gifts to your fund or grants from it. Please make requests for grants from your fund as soon as possible before year-end. To grow your fund with cash gifts, please note the year-end deadlines below:

Give to your fund online

You can give to your fund online until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, December 31. Find your fund using the search feature and complete the donation form.


Deliver your contribution to our office

If you are interested in delivering a gift to our office, please contact us and let us know when to expect you and we will make sure Foundation staff are available at the office to greet you safely. The Foundation office will close at 5 p.m. on Friday, December 31, but if you are interested in giving after close of business, we encourage you to give online before midnight to ensure your gift is received in this tax year.

Mail your gift

If you are making a donation by mail, it must be postmarked no later than Friday, December 31. Please mail your gift to our office:

Sacramento Region Community Foundation
955 University Avenue, Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95825


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