Dennis and Nancy Marks Fund

High Marks for Generosity

Dennis and Nancy Marks began their charitable partnership with the Foundation in 2001, when they established an endowed donor advised fund. Over the years, the endowment for the Dennis and Nancy Marks Fund has generated annual support for causes that matter to Dr. and Mrs. Marks – especially organizations that serve vulnerable children, youth, and families or minister to the needy, education, and the public library.

Dr. and Mrs. Marks flank Cristo Rey's Sister Eileen, and are surrounded by Cristo Rey students

A few years after their first gift, Dr. and Mrs. Marks gave the Foundation a fifty percent interest in a piece of undeveloped property in Rocklin. For Dr. and Mrs. Marks, the Foundation offered special expertise and services that turned their non-cash asset – a piece of land – into grant dollars and high-impact philanthropy.

When that property was sold, the proceeds created the new Dennis and Nancy Marks Expendable Fund. This “charitable checking account” has now enabled the Markses to make a major grant through Mercy Foundation to Sacramento’s Cristo Rey High School – a cause they hold dear. The unique work-study program at Cristo Rey particularly resonates with Dr. Marks, a retired pediatrician who was himself a first-generation American working his way through school and was first in his family to graduate from college. For Mrs. Marks, who has devoted countless hours to helping children and young people, Cristo Rey illuminates a path to a better life and supports students’ initial steps toward achieving their potential.

The Markses’ grant will help provide the resources for Cristo Rey to purchase new facilities appropriate to the proud and growing school – a capital investment that will transform Cristo Rey and its ability to change lives. “Our mission of providing college preparatory education to underserved students has been fully embraced by Dennis and Nancy,” said Sister Eileen. “Their passion for education is remarkable and a major blessing for all at Cristo Rey.”

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