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The future of news is going to look different as traditional delivery channels continue to be distrupted and as reader and viewer habits change. And yet the potential to reach people and the need for quality information have never been greater.

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The Impact Media Fund allows for focused attention to the interconnected challenges we face as a community. Additional reporting and engagement on key topics provide an opening for our diverse communities to be heard, to grow relationships, and to share in the responsibility for seeing the region’s necessary transformation through. 

Through the Impact Media Fund, the community is being asked to invest in a different kind of way. The Fund exists to manage and fund projects and programs that drive transformation and improve our community through research, community engagement and education, solutions-based and investigative journalism, and storytelling throughout the Sacramento region.

The Impact Media Fund is building a team of journalists to bring attention to the issues critical to the advancement of our community.

Projects within the Impact Media Fund, such as the Tipping Point Lab, will be directed by Foundation staff in coordination with stakeholders, educational and community partners, local journalists, and/or other vendors. Funding for the Impact Media Fund will come from a variety of public, private, and/or philanthropic sources.

The Sacramento Region Community Foundation maintains control over the disbursement of all funds. While donors and contributors may direct funds to specific projects, they do not have editorial control over content produced with fund resources or the interpretation of data. The Foundation, the Impact Media Fund, and all related projects will be held to strict donor transparency and editorial independence policies.

Contributions to The Fund will be tax deductible as provided by law, and meet the exempt purposes set forth in the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).

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Sacramento added more new residents than San Francisco and Los Angeles in 2018. Our downtown and urban neighborhoods are being revitalized. Thousands of new homes are being built in the urban core and inner suburbs. 

At the same time, our homeless population grew roughly 20 percent and tent encampments are now a way of life. A remarkably diverse population, the Sacramento region remains segregated. Our prosperity is challenged by poverty in forgotten neighborhoods just blocks away from a new Michelin-star restaurant.

The Sacramento Bee’s goal is to build an inclusive and thoughtful future for Sacramentans. We cannot repeat the mistakes of San Francisco and Seattle, where the gap between wealth and barely-surviving is wider than ever.

The Bee is launching the Tipping Point Lab, a team of four journalists that will focus on our region’s success and challenges through digital first storytelling, live video, audio, engagement and community events across the region. 

The goals are to effect positive change, deepen our news organization’s relationships with underserved communities and highlight the value of local news in the lives of the people we serve.

One reporter will focus on the region’s growth and create a roadmap based on successes elsewhere as we advocate for inclusive strategies. A second reporter will track how the Sacramento region is serving our young people from cradle to career, and another will serve as a community convener, bringing stakeholders together and sharing policy and practical findings.

Reporters will tell the stories that matter to our communities, while holding our leaders accountable for their decisions. The mission is to help drive community conversations about the pressures facing the Sacramento region and to work toward a future where no one is left behind. Because this is our home, too.

Reporting will be shared with other organizations in the community for publication across platforms.

We are raising funds to support a 3-year commitment to the Tipping Point Lab and will launch when Year 1 is fully funded. The Tipping Point team is a $300,000-a-year effort.


  • 1 weekly enterprise story with video and photos that build understanding of the challenges, successes and opportunities in our communities.
  • 2 – 4 daily stories per week that leverage data, offer high-utility news or let readers know how they can engage over the same timeframe.
  • Regular in-person listening sessions.
  • A quarterly webinar, where we’ll share what we’re working on, what’s worked, and input on the issues we should cover next.
  • Public events to put the spotlight on this topic and to convene key stakeholders as we drive toward a more inclusive environment for Sacramento-area residents.

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