Junior League of Sacramento

Creating a magificent reality

The Sacramento Region Community Foundation exists today because of the dedication of the women in the Junior League of Sacramento. The Junior League has a 70 year history of working diligently to improve the quality of life in our region. During those years, the Junior League has identified gaps in the cultural and social service offerings of our region, particularly in children’s services, and has worked to fill the gaps by building new organizations and empowering existing ones.

"For the Junior League, this was a dream 30 years ago, and now it's a reality -- a magnificent reality." 
-- Merrily Wong, Founding Board Member

In 1978, Jan Stohr approached the James Irvine Foundation seeking support for the Junior League’s newest project, the Child Abuse Prevention Council. Jan was told by Irvine Foundation program officer, Claire Denahy, that what the region really needed was a community foundation to begin building resources locally and encourage charitable giving. The idea simmered internally until 1981, when the
League appointed Carol Bass to chair a committee to explore and implement the concept. A year later, committee members Muriel Johnson, Carolyn Reid and Jan Stohr began recruiting a founding board of the most influential people in the community – including Junior Leaguers Merrily Wong and Moni Van Camp. With strong leadership in place, the Sacramento Regional Foundation was born in 1983 with support from the Irvine Foundation and financial and staffing assistance from the Junior League. Thus, the work began to grow the Foundation’s assets and provide a permanent source of capital for our region’s nonprofit community.

It is fitting that today the Junior League houses its own endowment with the Foundation, bringing full circle the fruitful partnership started many years ago.

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