Margaret Deterding Fund

The Margaret Deterding Fund was created by Margaret during her life in the hope of giving back to the community that held the story of her life. At the inception of the fund, Margaret requested that her friends, Kit and Pam Henderson, direct the distribution of the funds. Because of Margaret’s love of children and their infinite potential for growth, Kit and Pam set out to find organizations that targeted at-risk children and worked to provide them tools to change the path of their lives. Kit and Pam have given transformative grants to such organizations as Reading Partners, which provides one-on-one tutoring to children, giving them the tools they need to read at grade level and the self-confidence to be an active participant in class; the Pacific Pathways Pipeline, which has introduced a legal-based curriculum into schools with a high-risk population; Planned Parenthood, which offers basic healthcare services previously provided by the county; and programs to improve services for foster youth.


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