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Natural Wonders Forever Endowment Fund

The preservation of wild open spaces, farms and ranches, natural resources, and natural playgrounds is vital to our quality of life today and in the future. Protecting these landscapes is essential to successfully build and sustain connections among people, their community, and the natural environment. 

In pursuit of this vision since 1991, Placer Land Trust is the premiere private, local organization that works with willing landowners, donors, and conservation partners to permanently protect natural and agricultural lands in Placer County for current and future generations.

Photo by DJ Glisson II, courtesy of Placer Land Trust

Your contribution to this Fund gives future generations the gift of healthy ecosystems, outdoor recreation areas, and so much more.

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When Placer Land Trust conserves land, it assumes legal and financial responsibility to uphold protection – not just today, but forever. That’s why its team chose to invest in the future by establishing a permanent Natural Wonders Forever Endowment Fund with the Sacramento Region Community Foundation. Your contribution to the Fund principal will generate annual interest in perpetuity that can be spent to strengthen Placer Land Trust's mission. 

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Unless concerned residents become involved in the conservation and preservation of our rapidly disappearing open spaces, we abandon our responsibilities to ourselves and future generations. Whether we live, work, or play in Placer County, we have the opportunity to work with Placer Land Trust, who has a proven track record of sound open space acquisition and management, to leave a collective 'green' legacy in perpetuity.” Therese Adams, Placer Land Trust donor and Community Council member

Invest today to give future generations the gift of:

  • beautiful vistas
  • clean water and air
  • farms and ranches that produce sustainable food
  • healthy ecosystems including habitat for wildlife 
  • outdoor recreation areas for peoples' physical and mental health
  • and more!

Since 2008 Placer Land Trust has earned accreditation by the Land Trust Accredited Commission – and is the first land trust in the Sierra to be awarded this distinction.

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