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From choosing the type of fund that best suits your clients' charitable intentions, to choosing acceptable gifts, to finding answers for the many questions that arise in the course of their philanthropic journeys, the Foundation is here to help. 

In addition to the information provided below and in our Charitable Planning Resources, the Foundation staff is always happy to provide guidance to you and your clients. Please reach out to our Philanthropy Team at your convenience.

To pass along the value of philanthropy to their children, the Stones chose to open a Legacy Fund and named it as the beneficiary of their retirement account.

We offer a variety of funds for individuals, families, businesses and community organizations. Help your clients choose the fund that best accomplishes their goals for giving. 

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The Foundation offers family funds, endowments, and memorials. We can work with you to help your client establish personalized Scholarships, Donor Advised Funds, Designated Funds, and Field of Interest Funds. By working with this Foundation, you can ensure your clients give strategically and meaningfully, and that they earn the highest tax deductions for their donations. 

For a complete listing of our Fund Types, please visit our Types of Funds page in the Donors section of our website.


With your help, your clients can decide if they want to give current assets to open or grow their fund at the Foundation, give in the future through their estate plan - or both.


  • Donors can give by check, money order or wire transfer, along with several other asset types
  • Other assets: Gifts of appreciated assets may allow clients to make a substantial contribution while receiving valuable tax advantages. Generally, a donor may deduct the fair market value of the gift and the capital gain from the donated asset passes tax free to their fund at the Foundation. While we readily accept publicly traded securities, other gifts, such as real estate, closely held stock, IRA assets, partnership interests and some tangible personal property, may also be accepted based on the approval of our Board of Directors.



When clients include a gift to their fund at the Foundation in their estate plans, they reduce the taxable amount of the estate, and preserve economic security for themselves and their families. We can work with you to help your client find a charitable estate vehicle that meets his or her unique situation.

Learn about planned giving at the Foundation

Scenario: Your client just earned a large bonus and wants to give a portion back to the community but doesn't have time to decide on the most deserving nonprofits.

Solution: Recommend establishing a Donor Advised Fund through the Sacramento Region Community Foundation for an immediate income tax deduction and the ability to stay involved in recommending uses for the gift for years to come.

Scenario: Estate planning identifies significant taxes going to the IRS, but your client wants to direct dollars for local benefit.

Solution: The Foundation can work with you and your client to reduce the taxable amount of the estate through a charitable bequest or other planned gift. Your client’s gift will create a legacy of caring in the community that stays true to their charitable intent forever.

The suggested bequest language is very simple:

“I, [Name], of [City, State, Zip Code], give [Particular Asset; Fixed Dollar Amount; Percentage of the Estate; or Description of Property] to [Your Fund Name] at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation.”

The Foundation's Tax ID is 94-2891517.

Scenario: Your client is concerned about running out of money during their lifetime but has always been charitable.

Solution: Recommend establishing a life income gift (such as a charitable remainder trust) at the Foundation that pays income potentially for life. Upon your client’s death, the gift can be distributed by the Foundation in accordance with their charitable interests.

Scenario: Your client is thinking about establishing a private foundation but is looking for a more cost-efficient, simpler way to conduct their charitable giving.

Solution: The Foundation can help you and your client analyze the pros and cons of creating a Donor Advised Fund versus a private foundation. Creating a Donor Advised Fund allows your client to earn returns on their investment, make grants in the community and receive income tax deductions without having to deal with the legal and administrative burdens of a private foundation.

Scenario: Your client has appreciated stock and wants to use a portion of the gains for charitable giving, but the identified charities are too small to accept direct stock gifts.

Solution: Suggest establishing a fund at the Foundation with a gift of appreciated stock. Your client receives a tax deduction on the full market value, while avoiding the capital gains tax that would otherwise arise from sale of the stock. Your client can even be involved in recommending uses for the gift, including the organizations that he/she cares about most.


Scenario: Your client wants to leave his/her estate to community and family and has substantial assets in retirement accounts.

Solution: The Foundation can help you and your client evaluate the most beneficial asset distribution to minimize taxes, giving more to his/her heirs and preserving charitable intent.

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These are just a few of the ways the Foundation can provide solutions for your clients. Foundation staff is always available to discuss your client’s specific needs. Please reach out to our Philanthropy Team for assistance.

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