Our Fundholders

Our thanks to the members of our community who support the Sacramento region so generously

We are honored to help our fundholders reflect their interests, their values, and their hopes for the future through their philanthropy. Each fund at the Foundation has its own story – a handful of which we share below – but they are all united by the threads of our fundholders' endless generosity. 

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We are proud to have welcomed these funds in 2019:

Amber Fawn Wooton-Clark Memorial Scholarship 
Art Savage Scholarship Fund
Denis Speaks - Denis O'Shea Memorial Fund
Dorothy Raley Charitable Fund
Hope Cooperative Endowment Fund
Leland Stanford Mansion Foundation Fund
K. Ryan & Sons Charitable Fund
Paul E. Heckman Memorial Fund for Schools and Communities
PRIDE Industries Power of Purpose Fund
Re. Paul Schneider Memorial Library Capital Campaign Fund
Wesley & Nancy Yee Charitable Fund

Yolo Community Foundation
Anonymous Fund

Lodi Community Foundation
Helm & Mary Haas Fund

About our affiliate community foundations

Denise and Donald Timmons Fund

Donald and Denise discovered the Foundation and learned the value of consolidating their charitable giving into one fund to benefit many nonprofits.

Fearless Fund

When Jennifer and Jay established a Donor Advised Fund at the Foundation, they took a fearless approach.

Kim Pacini-Hauch & Richard Hauch Foundation

As longtime philanthropists, Kim and Richard are known for their generosity throughout this community.

Fundholder Stories

J. David Ramsey Music Endowment

Music was always a big part of Dave’s life, no matter where he was.  He played the flute and piccolo as a student, performed on the mandolin at his nephew’s wedding, and played the piano throughout his life. The J. David Ramsey Music Endowment will provide annual income for the Foundation to use for purposes and organizations that perpetuate Dave’s passion for music.

Malcolm W. Robinson Foundation

After several years of the cost and difficulty of managing a private foundation operating from the East Coast, Surang decided to move the Malcolm W. Robinson Foundation to the Sacramento Region Community Foundation so she could focus on supporting her husband’s legacy of generosity and compassion, rather than dealing with the complexities involved in maintaining a private foundation.

Sally and Hubert Mee Fund

Each spring, the daughters of Sally and Hubert Mee return to Sacramento to carry on an important family tradition: honoring heroes from the Sacramento Police and Fire Departments.

Fred Uhl Ball Memorial Fund for Artists in Crisis

Fred Ball was a talented artist whose life was cut short by a robbery attack in his Sacramento studio in 1985. In response to the tragedy, Fred’s many friends came together to endow the Fred Uhl Ball Memorial Fund for Artists in Crisis at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation.

Maurice T. and Inez S. Rhoe Fund

Six siblings came together to open a fund at the Foundation honoring their parents’ remarkable lives.

Dennis and Nancy Marks Fund

Over the years, the endowment for the Dennis and Nancy Marks Fund has generated annual support for causes that matter to Dr. and Mrs. Marks – especially organizations that serve vulnerable children, youth, and families or minister to the needy, education, and the public library.

Helen Nash Scholarship Fund

As a tangible measure of her support, Helen established an annual scholarship awarded to deserving students who had completed their G.E.D. or high school diploma to assist them as they went on to college or trade school. When she was well into her nineties, and as her eyesight failed, Helen listened as each of the scholarship applications was read to her.

Eaton Kenyon Fund

Michael Eaton and Charity Kenyon have supported a wide variety of nonprofits over the years through their donor advised fund. They have a particular interest in the slow foods movement and the health benefits of fresh, local food, and especially in areas of our community lacking in fresh produce.

Geminder Lewis Fund

When it came to getting started in philanthropy, Michael Geminder and Bridget Lewis turned to the Foundation as a resource for organizing their charitable giving.

Erin Aaberg Givans Memorial Scholarship

The Erin Aaberg Givans Memorial Scholarship honors the life of a tireless advocate for children's health in California.

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