How does my nonprofit attract funding from the Foundation?

As a community foundation, we are different from other foundations who are fully in control of decisions about which nonprofits receive funding. The majority of our annual grants are directed by Foundation fundholders according to their own interests. The key to attracting these grants is knowing your donors and engaging them about your work in order to inspire gifts from their charitable funds at the Foundation. 

Further, even though the Foundation has grown to more than $200 million in total assets, the majority of those funds are endowed, meaning that the Foundation and our fundholders can only grant out a small percentage annually, protecting the principal. 

While donor-directed grantmaking continues to have a major impact in the region, the bulk of the Foundation’s grantmaking reflects our Strategic Initiatives. For more information on all of our Foundation-directed grants, please click here.

The following are some additional suggestions on how your nonprofit can attract grants from the Foundation: 

  • Create a profile on GivingEdge: To receive grants from the Foundation and other local funders, as well as be eligible to participate in Big Day of Giving, you will need to establish a GivingEdge profile. 
  • Join our grants registry: Register to be notified of grant opportunities. 
  • Keep us informed about your work: Send our Impact Team your newsletters, invite us on site tours, and educate us about your important programs and events. The more informed we are about your impact in the community, the better we can support you!