GABY Grants

Grantees present their project at a GABY Convening

The Foundation is pleased to announce the Grants Advisory Board for Youth (GABY) is now accepting proposals! This year's theme is "Youth-led community programs rooted in equity that support the development or education of youth."

GABY seeks to fund projects that meet a need in support of historically or currently underserved populations. Projects that amplify existing efforts or help organizations increase their reach or sustainability are encouraged.

About the GABY Program

GABY supports youth to develop knowledge of philanthropy, skills for serving community, and resources for implementing youth-led projects. Since its inception in 2003, GABY has granted over $500,000 to more than 300 youth-led projects throughout the Sacramento region. 

During the 2021-2022 program year, the GABY board distributed grants to five youth-led projects totaling $5,000. The funding granted supported youth making equitable change by addressing the effects of the pandemic through a variety of visual arts and environmental education projects.  

This grant opportunity is closed.

Please note that the requirements articulated below were developed for a previous round of the grant opportunity. Details for future rounds may differ.

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All applications must comply with these requirements:

  1. The youth team must be sponsored by a nonprofit organization or school to accept grant funds.
  2. The project must take place in one of the following counties: Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, or El Dorado.
  3. Grantees are required to attend GABY Convenings in order to receive a grant.  Dates for these convenings are April 8, 2023, and May 20, 2023. Please note, these events may take place in person or virtually.
  4. Additionally, projects must:
  • Respond to the theme of:  “Youth-led community programs rooted in equity which support the development or education of youth.
  • Involve youth in meaningful leadership and decision-making roles, so that they are regarded as resources, not just recipients of services. See "Hart's Ladder of Young People's Participation" here. (GABY is looking for projects with youth participating at Rung 7 and 8). 
  • Develop youths' problem-solving, planning, and other life skills to prepare them to take on adult roles and responsibilities.
  • Connect youth to their own communities so that they can become knowledgeable and contribute to their own communities.
  • Promote interaction and cooperation among youth, and between youth and adults.
  • Impact youth in the community, not just the project planners.

Guidelines for your team:

  • Your team is youth-led and involves youth as team members. Youth are defined as 10 to 19 years old.
  • Your team includes supervision. Your team has an agency sponsor that is a nonprofit organization or a school. An agency sponsor is an organization that is legally recognized as a charity with 501(c)(3) certification from the government.
  • Your project team and agency sponsor commit to follow-up reporting with the Foundation.

Please review your budget items very carefully to make sure your budget is accurate and double-check your math. Your application can be turned down if your budget is not clear. Check to see if what you list as an expense is adequately explained in your application. Please also be as clear and concise as possible in your application.  The board does not recommend submitting lengthy responses in proposals.

  • Grants of up to $500 will be made. A grant request for the full amount of $500 will need to be very specific regarding the results of the grant and the cost.
  • "Materials" or "supplies" cover physical items you will most likely use up in order to complete your project. For example: refreshments, art supplies, prizes, decorations, equipment or space rental, etc.
  • "Equipment" includes items that will likely last beyond the term of the project (i.e. books, software, cameras, etc.). The agency sponsor will own the equipment after the end of the grant.
  • "Travel" includes bus passes, auto rental, or other transportation costs within the eligible counties.
  • "Professional services" include fees paid for speakers, entertainers, trainers or other professionals hired as a part of your project. This does not include payment of fees to the youth team members.
  • "Communications/outreach" includes postage, printing, design and other costs for producing publications or fees associated with marketing/media coverage.
Activity Date
GABY Grants Launch March 3, 2023
GABY Grants Close March 20, 2023, at 5:00 pm (PST)
GABY Awardee Acceptance Videos Due April 8, 2023
Final Showcase May 20, 2023
Fianl Reports Due June 30, 2023


Proposals will only be accepted through our online application. No email or paper applications will be accepted.

Please read these instructions thoroughly:

  • When the application is open, click the link below to apply, which will take you to the online application system.
  • Click "Create a new account."
  • Use the name and information of the 501(c)(3) that is sponsoring your youth-led project to apply. You will also be asked to include the executive officer contact information for that organization (such as an Executive Director or CEO). If a school is sponsoring your project, please indicate your principal as the executive officer. User information should belong to the youth lead for the project; there will be an opportunity to provide the adult lead contact information later in the application.
  • Once logged in, click "Apply" and then click on "GABY Grants"

For questions regarding to the content of your proposal, please contact GABY members at