Census 2020

Leading community outreach efforts in 2020

When it comes to ensuring a fair and accurate Census 2020, the stakes are high. Through our community leadership, the Foundation specializes in bringing engaged community members together to make measurable differences in some of the capital area’s toughest issues. Occasionally, our advocacy for the region – its dynamic communities, its diverse people – extends beyond our local leadership in our sustained Strategic Initiatives, and, in further service to our mission, we engage in topics that can impact philanthropy and the Sacramento area on a broader scale.

Advocating for a fair and accurate 2020 Census is a perfect example of such an issue, and that’s why the Foundation has been involved. 

Among other things, data from Census 2020 will determine the allocation of hundreds of millions of federal dollars in the Sacramento region and the type of representation our community has going forward. For each person who goes uncounted, it is estimated that our community loses $1,000 per year, severely impacting federal support for health care, education, transportation, housing, civil rights enforcement, job training, law enforcement, food, legal services, and more.


An accurate Census 2020 is vital to everyone in the Sacramento region – including the fundholders, nonprofit partners, and community members whom we serve each day – which is why have worked closely within each of the capital region’s counties to develop thoughtful outreach strategies that reflect the unique needs of local communities, including ensuring hard-to-count populations are identified and meaningfully engaged in the 2020 Census.

Because it has been identified as the eighth hardest-to-count county in the State, our efforts focused in Sacramento County have been ongoing. In partnership with the County of Sacramento, the Foundation is coordinated the Sacramento Complete Count Committee, comprised of local leaders who represent diverse populations in Sacramento County, and who all worked within their communities to develop outreach strategies to pursue a complete count in our region.

See the Community Steering Committee

See the the Government Steering Committee

Members of the Community Complete County Steering Committee


In addition to our work in Sacramento County, the Foundation was selected by the State of California to serve as one of ten Administrative Community-Based Organizations (ACBO); in this role, we are have coordinated a coalition of organizations across a 17-county swath of Northern California—including the El Dorado, Placer, and Yolo counties—to encourage residents to complete the Census.

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Please contact census2020@sacregcf.org with questions about the Foundation's work related to Census 2020.


Please direct media inquiries to Vasey Coman, Marketing Manager, at (530) 508-6396  or vasey@sacregcf.org. Find quick facts, boilerplate, and logo information for the Foundation in our Media Kit.



A community-led effort to ensure everyone in our region is counted during Census 2020 requires the community's support. Your gift to the Foundation's pooled fund will make a difference in this collaborative effort.