Responding to California Wildfires

Dear Friends of the Foundation,

As you know, dangerous wildfires have devastated communities throughout California, and donations from the public are needed to help offset the cost of the extraordinary response services that are required during – and will be necessary following – these emergencies.

Coupled with the coronavirus health crisis, affected regions are fighting on multiple fronts and their most vulnerable populations face compounded challenges. With this in mind, we have made grants to provide immediate and long-term relief to areas impacted by the fires, and we encourage you to do the same.

Fundholders with Donor Advised Funds: You can make a grant to response efforts from your fund at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, Yolo Community Foundation, or Lodi Community Foundation using DonorCentral. Please contact Chelsea Fahr, Director of Donor Engagement, with any questions at or (916) 921-7723 ext. 2021.



When emergencies strike, community foundations are uniquely equipped to respond; each has deep connections within the community it serves and relationships with the organizations that make an impact—during times of crisis and recovery. Our colleagues at the League of California Community Foundations have compiled a list of community foundations in affected regions that have opened funds to support relief efforts, which we invite you to review.

See the list


Though the fires are largely affecting areas outside of our four-county footprint, many local organizations serve the impacted areas and are helping meet those communities' needs. You can assist immediate recovery efforts by donating directly to nonprofits like the American Red Cross Gold Country Region and The Salvation Army Del Oro Division, both of which are deploying people and supplies to provide relief, as safely as possible.


The impacts of wildfires like these cascade long after the flames are extinguished, even in communities beyond the fire-scarred regions. Breathe California Sacramento Region and California Fire Foundation are two local organizations whose services address some of the terrible consequences of wildfires. We encourage donors interested in discovering organizations that support causes they care about, like these two, to visit GivingEdge, a database of local nonprofits that is searchable by keyword, mission category, and location.

Visit GivingEdGE

Like you, our thoughts are with those whose lives are affected by these terrible fires. We are always heartened by the Sacramento region's response to crises and, as ever, we appreciate your generosity.